• Folding box board

    As sole agent of CAREO for the Benelux we can offer you a complete range of boards including barrier boards.

  • Corrugated case materials

    As sole agent of NORAMPAC for the Benelux we are specialized in white testliners used for the production of packaging and displays.

  • Board for bookbinding and luxury cases

    We can offer you a wide range of grey boards but also laminated boards according to your specific needs.

  • Publication papers

    We are sole agent for the 100% recycled LWC papers from STEINBEIS for France and the Benelux and can also offer you a wide range of other papers intended for the publishing sector.

  • Fine papers and specialities

    As agent of CHATELLES, COLDENHOVE and ZUBER RIEDER for the Benelux we can offer papers for all graphic uses including papers for letterheads with matching envelopes.

  • Calendered PVC for graphical use

    We are sole agent for the Benelux of GALAZZI, a European leader in the sector.

  • Multipap | Member of John Claes Paper

Who we are

A family business whose current shareholders are the 4th and 5th generation of a family that has been in the paper trade since 1898.

Patrick Wybauw,
Laurent Wybauw

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